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dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 25 (1993)
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference of Topology
Trieste, 6-11 September 1993
Alas, O. T.
On countably compact product spaces
Artico, Giuliano ; Marconi, Umberto
A continuity result in calculus
Artico, Giuliano ; Moresco, Roberto
On the fuzzes which are complete rings of sets
Barbati, Alberto
The hyperspace of an analytic metrizable space is analytic
Berarducci, Alessandro ; Dikranjan, Dikran N.
Uniformly approachable functions and spaces
Caterino, Alessandro
ESH which induce $\beta{\bf N}$
Cavicchioli, Alberto ; Ruini, Beatrice
Splittings of manifolds with boundary and related invariants
Čerin, Zvonko
Proper shape groups
Chiavacci, Rossana ; Cristofori, Paola ; Gagliardi, Carlo
Linking two minimal triangulations of ${\bf C}{\rm P}^2$
Dikranjan, Dikran N.
Convergence groups: sequential compactness and generalizations
Dimov, Georgi D.
On the commutability between hyperspaces and subspaces, and on Schmidt's conjecture
Faulkner, Gary D. ; Vipera, M. Cristina
Complexity of compactifications of ${\bf N}$
Gradolato, Monique ; Zimmermann, Bruno P.
Finite quotients of hyperbolic tetrahedral groups
Grandis, Marco
Cubical monads and their symmetries
Hardie, K. A. ; Vermeulen, J. J. C.
A projective homotopy theory for non-additive categories
Johnstone, P. T. ; Pedicchio, Maria Cristina
Remarks on continuous Mal\cprime cev algebras
Le Donne, Attilio
A topological interpretation of cellular maps
Marcolli, Matilde
Lorentz bundles
Mardešič, Sibe
Recent advances in inverse systems of spaces
Matijevič, Vlasta
Approximate polyhedral resolutions with irreducible bonding mappings
Matthews, P. T. ; McMaster, T. B. M.
Families of spaces having prescribed embeddability order-type
Matthews, P. T. ; McMaster, T. B. M.
Minimal spaces, maximal pre-antis
May, J. P.
Derived categories in algebra and topology
Mramor-Kosta, Neža
Coincidence points of maps on $Z_{p^\alpha}$-spaces
Paré, Robert
Universal covering categories
Pavešič, Petar
A note on the classification of ${\scr F}$-fibrations
Piergallini, Riccardo
Manifolds as branched covers of spheres
Repovš, Dušan ; Semenov, Pavel V.
An application of the theory of selections in analysis
Simon, Petr
Products of sequentially compact spaces
Tholen, Walter
Closure operators
Trombetta, Maurizio
Funzioni positive a sottografo regolare
Uglešič, N.
Approximate sequences versus inverse sequences
Dolcher, Mario
Some ideas on structures
Tironi, Gino
The work of Professor Mario Dolcher