Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Current Volume (Vol. 53)

Rodolfo Talamo
The roundness-measure of a natural number
Mattia Scomparin
Nonlocal constants of motion and first integrals in higher-order Lagrangian Dynamics
Asma Farooq ; Stefano Maset
Propagation of perturbations in the initial value along solutions of linear ODEs: a componentwise relative error analysis
Kwok-Pun Ho
Fractional integral operators on Borel-Morrey spaces with q ≤ p
Horst Alzer ; Man Kam Kwong
Some inequalities for the Riemann zeta function
Jürgen Appell ; Belén López Brito ; Simon Reinwand ; Kilian Schöller
Some remarks on substitution and composition operators
Sokol Bush Kaliaj
Indefinite Pettis integral of multifunctions in locally convex spaces
Jürgen Appell ; Belén López Brito ; Simon Reinwand ; Kilian Schöller
Corrigendum to "Some remarks on substitution and composition operators"
Mauro Artigiani
Octagonal continued fraction and diagonal changes
Nicola Ciccoli
Quantum orbit method for the Connes-Landi-Matsumoto 3-sphere
Keng Hao Ooi
Vector-valued Sobolev multiplier spaces and their preduals
Antonino Morassi ; Edi Rosset ; Eva Sincich ; Sergio Vessella
Doubling inequality at the boundary for the Kirchhoff-Love plate’s equation with supported conditions
Eduard Marušić-Paloka, Marija Prša
A remark on the derivation of an effective model describing the flow of fluid in a reservoir with small holes
Mirelson M. Freitas ; Anderson J. A. Ramos ; Mauro L. Santos ; Helen C. M. Rodrigues
Blow-up and uniform decay rates of solutions for ternary mixtures with interplay between nonlinear damping and source terms