Rendiconti - Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Current Volume (Vol. 54)

Section 1

John Kalliongis; Ryo Ohashi
Orientation reversing finite abelian actions on RP3
Gabriele Inglese; Roberto Olmi
A note about the well-posedness of an Initial Boundary Value Problem for the heat equation in a layered domain

Section 2

TAGSS 2021 – Trieste Algebraic Geometry Summer School
Gian Paolo Grosselli; Irene Spelta,
Explicit analysis of positive dimensional fibres of Pg,r and Xiao conjecture.

Section 3

GO60 – Pure and Applied Algebraic Geomery celebrating Giorgio Ottaviani’s 60th birthday