Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 26 (1994)
Fedeli, Alessandro
$\tau$-paracompactness and regularity
Borsík, Ján
Points of continuity, quasicontinuity and cliquishness
De Fabritiis, Chiara
One-parameter groups of volume-preserving automorphisms of ${\bf C}^2$
Ilardi, Giovanna
Sulle ipersuperfici algebriche ad hessiana indeterminata
Bozhkov, Yuri
The geometry of certain three-folds
Podestà, Fabio ; Tricerri, Franco
Riemannian manifolds with special curvature tensor
Loo, Bonaventure ; Verjovsky, Alberto
On quotients of Hopf fibrations
Borelli, Massimo ; Ughi, Maura
The fast diffusion equation with strong absorption: the instantaneous shrinking phenomenon
Abate, Marco
Iteration of holomorphic families
Prizzi, Martino
Invariant manifolds for singularly perturbed parabolic equations
Ferrarotti, Massimo
$G$-manifolds and stratifications
Traina, Charles
A note on trace equivalence in ${\rm PSL}(2,{\bf Z})$
Migliorini, Massimiliano
Sottovarità speciale dello spazio dei twistors
Petronio, Carlo
Thurston's solitaire tilings of the plane
Vesentini, Edoardo
Holomorphic projective mappings
Ravaglia, Carlo
Constant obstacle problem and rearrangements
Giri, R. D. ; Tiwari, Shraddha
On the commutativity of $s$-unital rings and periodic rings
Dal Maso, Gianni ; Toader, Rodica
Limits of Dirichlet problems in perforated domains: a new formulation
Sweers, Guido
A noncooperative mixed parabolic-elliptic system and positivity