Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 24 (1992)
Baĭnov, D. D. ; Kostadinov, S. I. ; Nguyên Văn Minh ; Zabreĭko, P. P.
Topological equivalence and exponential dichotomy of linear impulsive equations
Popa, Valeriu
Some conditions for continuity of almost continuous multifunctions
Hanna, A. ; Shamsuddin, A.
Dual Goldie dimension
Tewari, U. B. ; Somasundaram, S.
Almost periodicity in operator algebras
Vincenti, Graziano ; Volpi, Aldo
On the problem of discrete extrapolation of a band-limited signal
Fox, Thomas F.
The tensor product of Hopf algebras
Chongdar, A. K.
On certain bilateral generating functions
Baĭnov, D. D. ; Petrov, V.
Asymptotic behaviour of nonlinear second order neutral differential equations with distributed delay
Ymeri, Hasan M.
Riesz transforms and maximal functions in weighted Zygmund spaces
Rubió, P. ; Gelonch, J.
Doubly multipliable matrices
Schutz, Robert W.
Measures, outer measures and normal lattices
Lenzi, Domenico
On simple pseudoradial topologies connected with infinite additive measures on Boolean rings
Shahid, M. Hasan
On CR-submanifolds of a certain class of almost contact manifolds
Quadri, Murtaza A. ; Ashraf, Mohammad ; Ali, Asma
Structure of certain near-rings
Giri, R. D. ; Bujade, V. G.
Semi-simple rings and commutativity
Kozlowski, Michael
Improper affine spheres and Euclidean minimal surfaces
Florian, August
On the perimeter deviation of a convex disc from a polygon
Papalini, Francesca
Existence of solutions for differential inclusions without convexity
Fabry, C. ; Fayyad, D.
Periodic solutions of second order differential equations with a $p$-Laplacian and asymmetric nonlinearities