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dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 52 (2020)
Oltiana Gjata ; Fabio Zanolin
Complicated dynamics in a model of charged particles
Herbert Amann
Population dynamics in hostile neighborhoods
Tetsutaro Shibata
Global structure of bifurcation curves related to inverse bifurcation problems
Yoshio Yamada
Asymptotic properties of a free boundary problem for a reaction-diffusion equation with multi-stable nonlinearity
W. Cintra ; C. Morales-Rodrigo ; A. Suárez
Non-standard bifurcation approach to nonlinear elliptic problems
Matthias Hieber ; Thieu Huy Nguyen
Stability and periodicity of solutions to the Oldroyd-B model on exterior domains
Toshitaka Nagai ; Tetsuya Yamada
Boundedness of solutions to the Cauchy problem for an attraction-repulsion chemotaxis system in two-dimensional space
Sze-Bi Hsu ; Jifa Jiang
A spatiotemporal model of drug resistance in bacteria with mutations
Santiago Cano-Casanova
Influence of the spatial heterogeneities in the existence of positive solutions of logistic BVPs with sublinear mixed boundary conditions
Piero Montecchiari ; Paul H. Rabinowitz
A note on a class of double well potential problems
U. Kaufmann ; H. Ramos Quoirin ; K. Umezu
Past and recent contributions to indefinite sublinear elliptic problems
Laurent Véron
Nonlinear boundary value problems relative to the one dimensional heat equation
Shair Ahmad ; Dung Le
Existence of attractors when diffusion and reaction have polynomial growth
Andrea Tellini
Numerical global bifurcation diagrams for a superlinear indefinite problem with a parameter appearing in the domain
Marcela Molina-Meyer ; Frank Richard Prieto Medina
A collocation-spectral method to solve the bi-dimensional degenerate diffusive logistic equation with spatial heterogeneities in circular domains
Alessandro Fonda ; Emilia Mezzetti ; Pierpaolo Omari
Carlo Petronio
Realizations of certain odd-degree surface branch data
Chao Wang
Half-unknotted 2-orbifolds in orientable spherical 3-orbifolds
Riccardo Benedetti
Connectivity results for surface branched ideal triangulations
Maria Rita Casali ; Paola Cristofori ; Carlo Gagliardi
Crystallizations of compact 4-manifolds minimizing combinatorially defined PL-invariants
Jérôme Los ; Luisa Paoluzzi ; António Salgueiro
Non-isometric hyperbolic 3-orbifolds with the same topological type and volume
Alexander Mednykh ; Ilya Mednykh
Two Moore's theorems for graphs
Shunsuke Aimi ; Donghi Lee ; Shunsuke Sakai ; Makoto Sakuma
Classification of parabolic generating pairs of Kleinian groups with two parabolic generators
Chao Wang ; Shicheng Wang ; Yimu Zhang ; Bruno Zimmermann
Finite group actions on the genus-2 surface, geometric generators and extendability
Mattia Mecchia ; Andrea Seppi
On the diffeomorphism type of Seifert fibered spherical 3-orbifolds
Andrey Egorov ; Andrei Vesnin
Volume estimates for right-angled hyperbolic polyhedra
Parvaneh Nadi ; Matteo Varbaro
Canonical Cohen-Macaulay property and Lyubeznik numbers under Gröbner deformations
Giovanni Alessandrini
A small collection of open problems
Bruno P. Zimmermann
Tetrahedral Coxeter groups, large group-actions on 3-manifolds and equivariant Heegaard splittings
Edoardo Ballico
Tensor decompositions in rank +1