Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 28 (1996)
Giri, R. D. ; Wazalwar, A. K.
On some local properties of semigroups
Passarelli di Napoli, Antonia ; Siepe, Francesco
A regularity result for a class of anisotropic systems
Boccuto, Antonio ; Sambucini, Anna Rita
The Burkill-Cesari integral for Riesz spaces
Francini, Elisa
Starshapedness of level sets for solutions of nonlinear parabolic equations
Tauraso, Roberto
Centralizers of polynomials
Cortazar, C. ; Elgueta, M. ; Primicerio, Mario
Localization of the solution of a one-dimension one-phase Stefan problem
Davini, Cesare
Note on a parameter lumping in the vibrations of elastic beams
Bella, Angelo ; Malykhin, V. I.
Single non-isolated point spaces
Abenda, Simonetta ; Caldiroli, Paolo ; Montecchiari, Piero
Multibump solutions for Duffing-like systems
Charbonniaud, Anne-Laure ; Crouzet, Jean-François ; Gay, Roger
Sur l'extrapolation des signaux d'énergie finie à bande limitée
Fasino, Dario ; Inglese, Gabriele
Recovering a probability density from a finite number of moments and local a priori information
Fabiano, A.
An introduction to the microlocal analysis of hypercomplex functions
Talamucci, Federico
A model of frost heave with sharp interface between the unfrozen and the frozen soils
Gianni, Roberto ; Ricci, Riccardo
An elliptic-parabolic problem in Bingham fluid motion
Alessio, Francesca
Homoclinic solutions for second order systems with expansive time dependence
Tarallo, M.
Almost periodic problems and a property by Eric Séré
Bitossi, Marco
On the effective calculation of holonomy groups
Sabadini, Irene ; Struppa, Daniele C.
Analisi di Fourier in più variabili complesse
Alessandrini, Giovanni ; Isakov, Victor
Analyticity and uniqueness for the inverse conductivity problem
Spradlin, Gregory S.
An almost periodic function of several variables with no local minimum