Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 39 (2007)
Alessandrini, Giovanni ; Rosset, Edi
Symmetry of singular solutions of degenerate quasilinear elliptic equations
Barile, Margherita
On simplicial toric varieties of codimension 2
Boffi, Giandomenico ; Logar, Alessandro
Gröbner bases for submodules of $\Bbb Z^n$
Bonheure, D. ; Habets, P. ; Obersnel, F. ; Omari, Pierpaolo
Classical and non-classical positive solutions of a prescribed curvature equation with singularities
Borceux, F. ; Gran, M. ; Mantovani, S.
On closure operators and reflections in Goursat categories
Bortolussi, Luca ; Sgarro, Andrea
Hamming-like distances for ill-defined strings in linguistic classification
Carbone, Ingrid ; Volcic, Aljoša
Kakutani's splitting procedure in higher dimension
Comparini, Elena ; Pescatore, C. ; Ughi, Maura
On a quasilinear parabolic system modelling the diffusion of radioactive isotopes
Del Santo, Daniele ; Kinoshita, T. ; Reissig, M.
Klein-Gordon type equations with a singular time-dependent potential
De Poi, Pietro ; Mezzetti, Emilia
On congruences of linear spaces of order one
Ellia, Philippe ; Trambaiolli, Alessandra
Global generation
Grieco, Elena ; Guerrieri, Anna
Minimal primes over $P_3(M)$
Idà, Monica
Postulation problems for vector bundles
Pireddu, Marina ; Zanolin, Fabio
Some remarks on fixed points for maps which are expansive along one direction
Scaramuzza, Anna
An algorithm for computing primitive relations
Soranzo, Alessandro ; Tironi, Gino
Sequential order of compact sequential spaces
Spangher, Walter
Some remarks on homogeneous minimal reductions
Striuli, Janet
Strong Artin-Rees property in rings of dimension one and two
Zimmermann, Bruno P.
On the determination of knots by their cyclic unbranched coverings
Zuccheri, Luciana ; Zudini, Verena
On the Influence of CognitiveTheories in the Teaching of Calculus in Austrian Secondary Schools at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Kumar, Devendra
On approximation of linear second order elliptic partial differential equations with analytic coefficients
Vesnin, Andrei
On hyperbolic $\pi$-orbifolds with arbitrary many singular components
Danchev, Peter V.
Note on elongations of summable $p$-groups by $p^{\omega+n}$-projective $p$-groups. II
Mascolo, Raffaella
Variations on Hartogs and Henkin-Tumanov theorems
Malagoli, Federica
A problem of minimum area for bodies with constraints on width and curvature
Kundu, S. ; Garg, Pratibha
Countability properties of the pseudocompact-open topology on $C(X)$: a comparative study
Gaudiano, M. ; Godoy, T. ; Turner, C.
On the limit behavior in a free boundary model for the diffusion in a polymer
Benassi, Carlo ; D'Ercole, Giuliana
An algorithm for reconstructing a convex polygon from its covariogram