Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 38 (2006)
Tekkoyun, Mehmet
A general view to classification of almost Hermitian manifolds
Basile, D. ; Bella, Angelo
Short proof of a cardinal inequality involving the weak extent
Granucci, Tiziano
Osservazioni sulla Continuità Hölderiana per un Minimo di un Funzionale Convesso con Crescite Non-Standard
Danchev, Peter V.
Note on elongations of summable $p$-groups by $p^{\omega+n}$-projective $p$-groups
Tekkoyun, Mehmet ; Cabar, G.
Complex Hamiltonian equations and Hamiltonian energy
Savaş, Ekrem
On $\vert A,\delta\vert _k$ summability factors
Arnaoudov, Yany ; Venkov, George
The transmission acoustic scattering problem for bi-spheres in low-frequency regime
Zimmermann, Bruno P.
On the number and the geometry of hyperbolic knots and links with a common cyclic branched covering: known results and open problems
Bellonotto, B. ; Teppati, Giancarlo
Algebraic aspects of commutation of linear operators up to a factor
Del Santo, Daniele
A note on Gevrey well-posedness for the operator $\partial^2_t-a(t)\partial_x(b(t,x)\partial_x)$
Godoy, T. ; Kaufmann, U.
On some semilinear periodic parabolic problems