Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 9 (1977)
Stegbuchner, Hans
On the metric entropy of some classes of holomorphic functions
Nakai, Mitsuru ; Sario, Leo
Existence relations between harmonic and biharmonic Green's functions
Averna, Alfonso ; Coletti, Giulianella
The existence of bounded solutions for nonlinear ordinary differential equations
Hanna, A. ; Khuri, Soumaya Makdissi
Modules with irredundant sets of cogenerators
Gori Cocchieri, Candida ; Ragni, Marcello
Properties of functions with bounded second variation in the generalized sense
Scaravelli, Corrado ; Teppati, Giancarlo
On probability Souslin measures
Chen, Lu San ; Yeh, Cheh Chih
Oscillatory and asymptotic characterization of the solutions of higher order forced differential equations generated by deviating arguments
Bair, Jacques
Description des sommands de quelques ensembles convexes
Forti, Gian Luigi
Regularity and representation theorems for a class of translation equation's solutions
Mezzetti, Emilia ; Spangher, Walter
Polynomial rings over C2FD and C3FD domains
Mezzetti, Emilia ; Spangher, Walter
Some generalizations of a known theorem of M. Nagata
Zacher, Giovanni
The lattice of subgroups of the symmetric group
Massa, Silvio
Approximation of fixed points by Cesàro's means of iterates
Scaravelli, Corrado ; Teppati, Giancarlo
A result concerning a class of ladder operators