Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 31 (1999)
Azizi, Abdelmalek ; Lamjoun, R.
Les corps ${\bf Q}(\sqrt{-p_0},\sqrt{d})$ dont les 2-groupes de classes sont de Klein, avec $p_0\equiv1\pmod4$, premier
Ashraf, Mohammad
On symmetric bi-derivations in rings
Sabadini, Irene
Multi valued analytic functionals on compact Riemann surfaces of genus $g\ge1$
Djellit, A. ; Benouhiba, N.
Existence de valeurs propres principales pour un problème elliptique en dimension 2
Tanasi, Corrado
Sui gruppi semplicemente connessi all'infinito
Campi, Stefano ; Colesanti, Andrea ; Gronchi, Paolo
A note on Sylvester's problem for random polytopes in a convex body
Vitolo, Paolo
The representation of weighted quasi-metric spaces
Lüdkovsky, S. V.
Quasi-invariant measures on a group of diffeomorphisms of an infinite-dimensional real manifold and induced irreducible unitary representations
Cauty, Robert
Sur les sélections continues des collections d'arcs
Giachetti, D. ; Schianchi, R.
An Agmon-Douglis-Nirenberg type result for some non linear equations
Rodrigo, Javier ; Tarrés, Juan
An example of two compact spaces with different topological dimensions
Tahara, M. ; Marchiafava, S. ; Watanabe, Y.
Quaternionic Kähler structures on the tangent bundle of a complex space form
Musso, Emilio ; Nicolodi, Lorenzo
Willmore canal surfaces in Euclidean space
Migliorini, Anna Paola
Everywhere regularity for a class of elliptic systems with $p,q$ growth conditions
Pohožaev, S. I.
The fibering method and its applications to nonlinear boundary value problem