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dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

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Volume 30 suppl. (1999)
Proceedings of the "I Congreso Hispano-Italiano de Topologi a General y sus Aplicaciones''
Alcaraz, D. ; Sanchis, Manuel
Recurrent points of continuous functions on connected linearly ordered spaces
Arenas, F. G. ; Puertas, M. L.
Transfinite order dimension
Arenas, F. G. ; Sánchez-Granero, M. A.
A characterization of non-Archimedeanly quasimetrizable spaces
Balibrea Gallego, Francisco
Invariants on compact spaces
Brümmer, G. C. L.
Categorical aspects of the theory of quasi-uniform spaces
Császár, Ákos
Old and new results on quasi-uniform extension
Császár, Ákos
On J. Deák's construction for quasi-uniform extensions
Garrido, I. ; Montalvo, F.
Countable covers and uniform closure
Gregori, Valentín ; Pastor, José
A fixed point theorem for fuzzy contraction mappings
Gregori, Valentín ; Vidal, Anna
Fuzziness in Chang's fuzzy topological spaces
Ivorra, C.
Projection constants of almost-Milyutin spaces
Künzi, Hans-Peter A. ; Romaguera, Salvador
Quasi-metric spaces, quasi-metric hyperspaces and uniform local compactness
Lowen, R. ; Vaughan, D.
A non-quasi-metric completion for quasi-metric spaces
Pérez-Peñalver, M. J. ; Romaguera, Salvador
Cofinal bicompleteness and quasi-metrizability
Sanchis, Manuel
A note on quasi-$k$-spaces
Tarrés, Juan ; Sanz, M. Agripina
$\mu$-embedded sets in topological spaces