Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 20 (1988)
Gotchev, Ivan
Sequentially $\scr P$-closed spaces
Frič, Roman
Remarks on sequential envelopes
Tshinanga, S. B.
An invariance property of the critical groups
Giarrusso, E. ; Nunziante, D.
Regularity theorems in limit cases for solutions of linear and nonlinear elliptic equations
Mianowski, Krzysztof Maciej
Dynamic factor in the mechanics of fracture in brittle materials
Li, Shu Jie
Multiple periodic solutions of some second order dynamical system
Bernau, Simon J. ; Abian, Alexander
Jordan canonical forms of matrices $AB$ and $BA$
Swartz, Charles
A generalization of Stiles' Orlicz-Pettis theorem
Lombardi, G. ; Rebaudo, R.
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a special class of band matrices
Girotto, Bruno ; Holzer, Silvano
Some de Finetti-Kolmogoroff-Nagumo type integral representation theorems for means on masses
Fedeli, Alessandro
$\scr A$-locally compact spaces
Musina, Roberta
$S^2$-type minimal surfaces enclosing many obstacles in ${\bf R}^3$
Mohammad, Noor
Algebra of pseudo-differential $C^*$-operators
Gallina, Giordano
$H$-extensions, elevations of near-fields and $S$-near-rings
Di Maio, Giuseppe ; Naimpally, Somashekhar
Multifunctions and Blumberg sets: a proximity approach
Volpi, Aldo
Frobenius endomorphism and pseudo-extensions of a field
Bartolo, Paolo ; Salvatore, Addolorata
Subharmonic solutions of large norm for some asymptotically quadratic problems
Yue Chi Ming, Roger
On self-injective and quasi-Frobeniusean rings
Borsík, Ján ; Doboš, Jozef
On certain decompositions of continuity
Mitidieri, Enzo ; Vrabie, Ioan I.
Nonlinear integrodifferential equations in a Banach space
Calcaterra, Robert A.
Group actions satisfying the DCP: uniqueness
Mancini, Giovanni ; Rosset, Edi
Some observations concerning semilinear elliptic problems with radial symmetry
Rosset, Edi
Topological degree in ${\bf R}^n$
Martellotti, Anna ; Sambucini, Anna Rita
A Radon-Nikod\'ym theorem for a pair of Banach-valued finitely additive measures