Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 32 suppl. 1 (2001)
Special Volume dedicated to the memory of Marco Reni
Zimmermann, Bruno P.
[Dedication to the memory of Marco Reni (1962--2000)]
Publications of Marco Reni
Amendola, Gennaro ; Benedetti, Riccardo ; Costantino, Francesco ; Petronio, Carlo
Branched spines of 3-manifolds and Reidemeister torsion of Euler structures
Baker, Mark ; Boileau, Michel ; Wang, Shicheng
Towers of covers of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Bratholdt, Stuart ; Cooper, Daryl
On the topology of the character variety of a free group
Casali, Maria Rita ; Gagliardi, Carlo
A code for $m$-bipartite edge-coloured graphs
Cavicchioli, Alberto ; Hegenbarth, Friedrich ; Repovš, Dušan
Special classes of closed four-manifolds
Cuccagna, Scipio
La stabilità asintotica dei ground states della NLS
Domenicucci, F. ; Ferri, M. ; Nicoletti, G.
Local triangle choice for impact computation in the tactile exploration of a virtual surface
Hayat-Legrand, Claude ; Kudryavtseva, Elena ; Wang, Shicheng ; Zieschang, Heiner
Degrees of self-mappings of Seifert manifolds with finite fundamental groups
Kojima, Sadayoshi
Complex hyperbolic cone structures on the configuration spaces
Mecchia, Mattia
Hyperbolic 2-fold branched coverings
Mednykh, Alexander ; Reni, Marco ; Vesnin, Andrei ; Zimmermann, Bruno P.
Three-fold coverings and hyperelliptic manifolds: a three-dimensional version of a result of Accola
Mulazzani, Michele ; Piergallini, Riccardo
Lifting braids
Paoluzzi, Luisa
On hyperbolic type involutions
Paoluzzi, Luisa ; Zimmermann, Bruno P.
Finite quotients of the Picard group and related hyperbolic tetrahedral and Bianchi groups
Reni, Marco ; Vesnin, Andrei
Hidden symmetries of cyclic branched coverings of 2-bridge knots
Reni, Marco ; Zimmermann, Bruno P.
Finite simple groups acting on 3-manifolds and homology spheres
Rieck, Yo'av
Genus reducing knots in 3-manifolds
Ruini, Beatrice ; Spaggiari, Fulvia
Manifold spines and hyperbolicity equations
Sakuma, Makoto
Surgery description of orientation-preserving periodic maps on compact orientable 3-manfolds
Scharlemann, Martin
Heegaard reducing spheres for the 3-sphere
Weeks, Jeffrey R.
A robust algorithm to determine the topology of space from the cosmic microwave background radiation