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dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

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Volume 32 suppl. 2 (2001)
Proceedings of the "II Congresso Italo-Spagnolo di Topologia Generale e sue Applicazioni''
Artico, Giuliano ; Marconi, Umberto
A result about selectors in non-Archimedean spaces
Bosi, Gianni ; Isler, Romano
Continuous order-preserving functions on a preordered completely regular topological space
Clementino, Maria Manuel ; Tholen, Walter
A note on local compactness
Estruch, Vicente D. ; Pastor, José
A pseudo-measure of fuzziness
Estruch, Vicente D. ; Vidal, Anna
A note on fixed fuzzy points for fuzzy mappings
Garibay, F. ; Sanchis, M. ; Vera, R.
Dynamical systems from uniform completions
Garity, Dennis J.
Unknotting numbers are not realized in minimal projections for a class of rational knots
Garrido, M. Isabel ; Jaramillo, Jesús A.
Representation of homomorphisms on function lattices
Gregori, Valentín ; Romaguera, Salvador ; Sapena, Almanzor
Uniform continuity in fuzzy metric spaces
Induráin, Esteban
The concept of separable connectedness: applications to general utility theory
Nauwelaerts, Mark
The Cartesian closed topological hull of the category of (quasi-)uniform spaces (revisited)
Simon, Petr
A connected, not separably connected metric space
Sioen, Mark
How many closed structures does the construct PRAP admit?
Zimmermann, Bruno
On hyperbolic 3-orbifolds of small volume and small Heegaard genus