Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published volumes

Volume 55 (2023)

Madani Douib
Art. No. 1, 19 pages
Existence and exponential decay of solutions for magnetic effected piezoelectric beams with second sound and distributed delay term
Sujoy Majumder; Debabrata Pramanik
Art. No. 2, 24 pages
On meromorphic solutions of a certain type of nonlinear differential-difference equation
Evan Sulaiman, Azad Amen and Waleed Aziz
Art. No. 3, 27 pages
OIntegrability aspects of the dynamical forest model
Sylvain Maillot
Art. No. 4, 15 pages
One-ended 3-manifolds without locally finite toric decompositions
Benjamin Cahen
Art. No. 5, 27 pages
Complex Weyl symbols of metaplectic operators: An elementary approach
Bertrand Eynard and Danilo Lewańnski
No. 6, 47 pages
A natural basis for intersection numbers
Houssam Boukhecham and Hamza Ounesli
Art. No. 7, 7 pages
Topology of the space of measure-preserving transformations of the circle
Asit Kumar Chongdar, Amartya Chongdar and Sushanta Kumar Mohanta
Art. No. 8, 10 pages
On generating functions of extended Jacobi polynomials
Giovanni Vidossich
Art. No. 9, 29 pages
Three general uniqueness theorems for BVPs of ODEs with applications