Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

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Volume 47 (2015)
Section 1
Han, F.
Duality and quadratic normality
Jardim, M. ; Marchesi, S.
p-Buchsbaum rank 2 bundles on the projective space
Besana, G. M. ; Fania, M. L. ; Flamini, F.
On families of rank-2 uniform bundles on Hirzebruch surfaces and Hilbert schemes of their scrolls
Chiantini, L.
Expressing forms as a sum of pfaffians
Bernardi, A. ; Gimigliano, A. ; Idà, M.
A note on plane rational curves and the associated Poncelet surfaces
Ellia, Ph. ; Gruson, L.
On the Buchsbaum index of rank two vector bundles on ℙ³
Buckley, A. ; Košir, T.
Simultaneously self-adjoint sets of 3 x 3 matrices
Ottaviani, G. ; Paoletti, R.
A geometric perspective on the Singular Value Decomposition
Muñoz, R. ; Occhetta, G. ; Solá Conde, L. E. ; Watanabe, K. ; Wiśniewski, J. A.
A survey on the Campana-Peternell Conjecture
Bonacini, P.
On the lifting problem in positive characteristic
Peskine, C.
Order 1 congruences of lines with smooth fundamental scheme
Section 2
Pečarić, J. ; Perušić Pribanić, A. ; Vukelić, A.
Generalizations of Steffensen's inequality via Fink's identity and related results II
Dragomir, S. S.
Discrete inequalities of Jensen type for λ-convex functions on linear spaces
Sovrano, E. ; Zanolin, F.
Remarks on Dirichlet problems with sublinear growth at infinity