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dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

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Volume 48 (2016)
Section 1
Nakamura, G. ; Oliva, M.
Exponential decay of solutions to initial boundary value problem for anisotropic visco-elastic systems
Lakshtanov, E. L. ; Novikov, R. G. ; Vainberg, B. R.
A global Riemann-Hilbert problem for two-dimensional inverse scattering at fixed energy
Belishev, M. I. ; Vakulenko, A. F.
On characterization of inverse data in the boundary control method
Guo, C.-Y. ; Kar, M. ; Salo, M.
Inverse problems for p-Laplace type equations under monotonicity assumptions
Morassi, A. ; Rosset, E.
Stable determination of an inclusion in an inhomogeneous elastic body by boundary measurements
Magnanini, R.
An introduction to the study of critical points of solutions of elliptic and parabolic equations
Sakaguchi, S.
Two-phase heat conductors with a stationary isothermic surface
Banerjee, A. ; Garofalo, N.
Quantitative uniqueness for zero-order perturbations of generalized Baouendi-Grushin operators
Beretta, E. ; Francini, E.
Asymptotic formulas for steady state voltage potentials in the presence of thin inhomogeneities. The complex case
Sincich, E. ; Vessella, S.
Wave equation with Robin condition, quantitative estimates of strong unique continuation at the boundary
DiBenedetto, E. ; Gianazza, U.
Some properties of De Giorgi classes
Isakov, V.
Carleman estimates with two large parameters for an anisotropic system of elasticity
Chitour, Y. ; Sigalotti, M.
Generic controllability of the bilinear Schrödinger equation on 1-D domains: the case of measurable potentials
Inglese, G. ; Olmi, R.
Nondestructive evaluation of inaccessible surface damages by means of active thermography
Rondi, L.
Discrete approximation and regularisation for the inverse conductivity problem
Kang, H.
On coated inclusions neutral to bulk strain fields in two dimensions
Heck, H. ; Wang, J.-N.
Optimal stability estimate of the inverse boundary value problem by partial measurements
Clerc, M. ; Leblond, J. ; Marmorat, J.-P. ; Papageorgakis, C.
Uniqueness result for an inverse conductivity recovery problem with application to EEG
Gaburro, R.
Stable determination at the boundary of the optical properties of a medium: the static case
Di Cristo, M.
Stability analysis of the inverse inclusion problem
Gianazza, U. ; Salsa, S.
On the boundary behaviour of solutions to parabolic equations of p!Laplacian type
Section 2
Hayashi, M.
On the improved Massera's theorem for the unique existence of the limit cycle for a Liénard equation
Guerra, L.
On elliptic curves of bounded degree in a polarized Abelian surface
Cahen, B.
Schrödinger model and Stratonovich-Weyl correspondence for Heisenberg motion groups
Alzer, H. ; Prodinger, H.
Notes on a combinatorial identity
López-Gómez, J.
Global bifurcation for Fredholm operators
Iena, O.
On the singular 1-dimensional planar sheaves supported on quartics
Pahan, S. ; Pal, B. ; Bhattacharyya, A.
Multiply warped products as quasi-Einstein manifolds with a quarter-symmetric connection