Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 46 (2014)
Dalakov, P.
On the L-infinity description of the Hitchin Map
Ludkowski, S. V.
Decompositions of PDE over Cayley-Dickson algebras
Bianchini, S. ; Dabrowski, A.
Existence and uniqueness of the gradient flow of the Entropy in the space of probability measures
Toller, D.
Verbal functions of a group
Sovrano, E. ; Zanolin, F.
Dolcher fixed point theorem and its connections with recent developments on compressive/expansive maps
Marušić-Paloka, E.
An analysis of the Stokes system with pressure dependent viscosity
Ceretani, A.N. ; Tarzia, D.
Similarity solutions for thawing processes with a convective boundary condition
Cahen, B.
Stratonovich-Weyl correspondence via Berezin quantization
Citterio, M. ; Talamo, R.
Two classes of real numbers and formal power series: quasi algebraic objects
Rahavandrainy, O.
Resolution of the ideal sheaf of a generic union of conics in ℙ³: I
Alzer, H.
On an inequality from Information Theory
Portelli, D.
On Grothendieck's counterexample to the Generalized Hodge Conjecture
Sfecci, A.
Nonresonance conditions for radial solutions of nonlinear Neumann elliptic problems on annuli
Bruno, A. ; Mecchia, M.
On quotient orbifolds of hyperbolic 3-manifolds of genus two