Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 37 (2005)
Series, Caroline
A crash course on Kleinian groups
Hoşten, Serkan ; Ruffa, Suela
Introductory notes to algebraic statistics
Carlini, Enrico ; Rapallo, Fabio
The geometry of statistical models for two-way contingency tables with fixed odds ratios
Johansson, Mikael
Computation of Poincaré-Betti series for monomial rings
Maruri-Aguilar, Hugo
Universal Gröbner bases for designs of experiments
Pistone, G. ; Riccomagno, E. ; Wynn, H. P.
Polynomial ideals, monomial bases and a divided difference formula
Savaş, Ekrem ; Patterson, Richard F.
An Orlicz extension of some new sequence spaces
Ciampa, Maurizio ; Volpi, Aldo
A note on smooth matrices of constant rank
Ballico, Edoardo
Petri maps for very ample line bundles
Ballico, Edoardo
When every vector bundle is a direct sum of line bundles?
Butcher, G. L. ; Medin, A. ; Solmon, D. C.
Planar complex bodies with a common directed X-ray
Comparini, Elena ; Ricci, Riccardo
Polymer crystallization waves
Yue Chi Ming, Roger
On self-injectivity and $p$-injectivity
Galakhov, Evgeny
Some nonexistence results for systems of nonlinear partial differential inequalities
Zimmermann, Bruno P.
Lifting finite groups of outer automorphisms of free groups, surface groups and their abelianizations
Altomani, Andrea
A note on the CR cohomology of Levi-flat minimal orbits in complex flag manifolds