Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 42 suppl. (2010)
Colombini, F. ; Fanelli F.
A Note on Nonhomogeneous Hyperbolic Operators with Low RegularityCoefficients
Galstian A.
$L^p$-$L^q$-decay estimates for the Klein-Gordon equation in the anti-de Sitter space-time
Georgiev V. ; Mauro, J. A. ; Venkov G.
SpectralProperties of an Operator Associated with Hartree Type Equations with External Coulomb Potential
Ghisi, M. ; Gobbino M.
Hyperbolic-Parabolic Singular Perturbation for Kirchhoff Equations with Weak Dissipation
Ghisi, M. ; Gobbino M.
Kirchhoff Equations in Generalized Gevrey Spaces: Local Existence, Global Existence, Uniqueness
Kubo, H. ; Takaki M.
A Remark on Long Range Effect for a System of Semilinear Wave Equations
Matsuyama T.
The Kirchhoff Equation with Global Solutions in Unbounded Domains
Mochizuki K.
Resolvent Estimates for Magnetic Schrödinger Operators and Their Applications to Related Evolution Equations
Nakazawa H.
On Wave Equations with Dissipation II
Picard R.
An Elementary Hilbert Space Approach to Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
Wirth J.
Energy Inequalities and Dispersive Estimates for Wave Equations with Time-Dependent Coefficients
Yagdjian K.
Fundamental Solutions for Hyperbolic Operators with Variable Coefficients