Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

Published Volumes

Volume 21 (1989)
Bella, Angelo
Some consequences of an easy cardinal inequality involving separating open covers
de Rienzo, V. ; Messina, A.
On the solidification of a well-agitated fluid
Gilio, Angelo
Almost additive event classes and coherence of conditional probabilities
Zhicheng, Guan
Existence of solutions to the problem of nonequilibrium phase change
Talamo, Rodolfo
Quadratic irrational numbers and Koenigs functions
Volpi, Aldo
Overrings of a field and Galois extensions
Simeunovič, D. M.
On a procedure for the simultaneous determination of all zeros of a polynomial
Li, Rong Lu ; Swartz, Charles
Equicontinuity and uniform boundedness
Cammaroto, F. ; Ielo, C.
On the invariance of complete regularity and metrizability
Ghelardoni, Paolo ; Lombardi, G.
On some Toeplitz and Haenkel [Hankel] matrices with elements $0,1$ and $-1$
Abian, Alexander ; Amin, Wael A.
On transfinite splittings of infinite sets
Andres, Ján ; Vlček, Vladimír
Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to the $n$th order nonlinear differential equation under forcing
Tsagas, Gr.
The spectrum of the Laplace operator for the manifold $S^{2n-1}\times S^{2m-1}/\Gamma$
Tanasi, Corrado
The triple linking number and applications to the theory of defects in ordered media
Gradolato, Monique ; Pisanski, Tomaž
Combinatorial description of pseudosurfaces
Barone, E. ; Moscatelli, V. B.
On the non-$\sigma$-associativity of associative means
Sempi, Carlo
Variations on a theme by Scheffé
Papini, Alessandra
One-dimensional collocation at Gaussian points and superconvergence at interior nodal points
Stella, Sergio
On topology and dimensions of recurrent uniform Cantor sets
Caterino, Alessandro ; Faulkner, Gary D. ; Vipera, M. Cristina
Two applications of singular sets to the theory of compactifications