Rendiconti dell'Istituto di Matematica
dell'Università di Trieste

An International Journal of Mathematics

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Volume 44 (2012)
Section 1
Benevieri, P. ; Calamai, A. ; Furi, M. ; Pera, M. P.
On the existence of forced oscillations of retarded functional motion equations on a class of topologically nontrivial manifolds
Ahmad, S. ; Stamova, I.
Stability criteria for impulsive Kolmogorov-type systems of nonautonomous differential equations
Ortega, R. ; Ruiz-Herrera, A.
Index and persistence of stable Cantor sets
Dimov, G. D.
A Whiteheadian-type description of Euclidean spaces, spheres, tori and Tychonoff cubes
Mawhin, J.
Periodic solutions for quasilinear complex-valued differential systems involving singular phi-Laplacians
Johnson, R ; Zampogni, L.
Remarks concerning the Lyapunov exponents of linear cocycles
Marini, M. ; Matucci, S.
A boundary value problem on the half-line for superlinear differential equations with changing sign weight
Comparini, E. ; Ughi, M.
On the asymptotic behaviour of the characteristics in the codiffusion of radioactive isotopes with general initial data
Sabatini, M.
Linearizations, normalizations and isochrones of planar differential systems
Capietto, A. ; Dambrosio, W. ; Papini, D.
A global bifurcation result for a second order singular equation
Villari, G.
An improvement of Massera's theorem for the existence and uniqueness of a periodic solution for the Liénard equation
Cuccagna, S.
On the Darboux and Birkhoff steps in the asymptotic stability of solitons
Bonheure, D. ; De Coster, C. ; Derlet, A.
Infinitely many radial solutions of a mean curvature equation in Lorentz-Minkowski space
Frič, R.
From probability to sequences and back
Dikranjan, D. ; Giordano Bruno, A.
Limit free computation of entropy
Cantone, D. ; Omodeo, E. G. ; Spartà, G. T.
Solvable (and unsolvable) cases of the decision problem for fragments of analysis
Portelli, D.
On the supports for cohomology classes of complex manifolds
Benedetti, I. ; Malaguti, L. ; Taddei, V.
Semilinear evolution equations in abstract spaces and applications
Section 2
Marques, D. ; Togbé, A.
On repdigits as product of consecutive Fibonacci numbers
Al-Omari, A. ; Noiri, T.
On theta_(I,J )-continuous functions
Chiodera, L. ; Ellia, P.
Rank two globally generated vector bundles with c_1 ≤ 5
Al-Omari, A.
Contra continuity on weak structure spaces
Bianchini, S. ; Yu, Lei
SBV-like regularity for general hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one space dimension
Beccari, G. ; Massaza, C.
Strongly inessential elements of a perfect height 2 ideal
Hrušák, M. ; Meza-Alcántara, D.
Katětov order, Fubini property and Hausdorff ultrafilters